The “Woman at the Well” is one of my favorite stories of Jesus found in the book of John Chapter 4.

In this story, Jesus is on a journey with His disciples and takes a rest stop in Samaria while the disciples continue on the road to get food. Jesus takes a seat next to a well. Along comes a nameless Samaritan woman (we will talk about the significance of her remaining nameless later on)  minding her business to come and draw water from the well. This is where the story gets interesting because Jesus speaks to the Samaritan woman and asks her to give Him some water because He was physically thirsty and tired from his journey… The simple fact that Jesus even spoke to the Samaritan woman was odd, because Jews normally looked down on Samaritans because they were not fully Jewish. But we know Jesus was not your typical Jew and did not look down on anyone or thought of himself more highly than He ought to. Plus, He already had intentions that were good concerning this woman. He already knew this woman was going to come to the well when she did and even though He was physically thirsty from His journey, He knew she was emotionally and spiritually thirsty and had been looking to men to her fill the voids she could not fill on her own.

Jesus told her “what if I give you ‘living water’, the kind that when you drink it you will thirst no more?”

Jesus was speaking metaphorically at this point. The water He was referring to was not that of Jacob’s well, but that of the Holy Spirit!

Jesus replied, “Anyone who drinks this  [physical]water will soon become thirsty again.  But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” – John 4:13-14

The women’s interest was piqued and she told Jesus that she wanted whatever water He was giving if it meant she never had to be thirsty any more. However, to make it clear what kind of living water Jesus was talking about He asked the woman for her husband. He wanted to show her that He was not talking about physical thirst, but thirst for the love and approval of men to fill her voids.  Yikes! :(woman under water fall

The woman instantly confessed that she didn’t have a husband.

Jesus told her indeed she did not and that she has had five husbands and is currently living with a man that is not her husband.. (aka “shacking” in the modern day vernacular). The woman was so amazed that Jesus knew all of this about her! He basically called her out on her mess and wanted her to stop seeking men to fill her voids and start seeking only Him (the  true LIVING WATER). From that moment, the nameless Samaritan woman was never the same. She went back to her town to tell her testimony and share what Jesus had done for her. She instantly became a woman on fire for God after her encounter with Jesus!

Lessons from this story:

1. Why is the Samaritan woman nameless?

Because the Samaritan woman represents ALL of the women who may be seeking men to fill their emotional voids. God did not want her to have a name because He wanted us to see ourselves in her… WOW!!!! This woman represents all of the women who are broken, who have low self esteem and no self worth and are looking for love in all the wrong places. She represents all of the women that think that Jesus wants nothing to do with them because of who they are or what they have done in their past.  Jesus knew all about her past and still wanted to use her! He called her out and let her know that He is the only who will make sure she never thirsts for another man to fill her voids again! AMEN!

2. Jesus met her where she was

Jesus stopped at the well because He knew she was going to be at the well. He is omniscient (all know) He orders our steps so that at the right moment we will have an encounter with Him that will change our lives.  His mission was to meet her, not to get food with the other disciples. Jesus will stop what He is doing to meet us where we are. He cares just that much for us! Jesus did not require her to come and find Him, He came and found her. Whether you are broken, empty, abused.. whatever.. He has no problem meeting us at our own well.

3. Once she encountered Jesus, she was never the same again

After the Samaritan woman encountered Jesus, she immediately went and started sharing Him with everyone she knew. She began sharing her testimony (there is power in sharing your testimony by the way). The scripture says because of  her testimony many people became followers of Christ and eventually people believed on their own that Jesus was indeed the Savior. The Samaritan woman who was once broken and empty transformed to become the light in her town!

4. If you are seeking men and other possessions to fill your voids, you will fail every time!

Nothing will fulfill you apart from Jesus. Trust me! You can try but I promise you, no man, degree, career,  material possession will ever fulfill you. It just won’t happen. Once you obtain what ever it was you thought would fill you, it will only be a matter of time before you are empty again. If we are honest, we have all sought  people or possessions to fulfill us and then wound up not really being satisfied. You know why? Because earthly things were never meant to satisfy us. That is why Jesus said, “I am the living water that will make you thirst no more!”


Have you been the “woman at the well” and Jesus met you were you were and now your life has changed! If so share and leave a comment!

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