Welcome to my to my new blog, Confident in Christ. Many people have asked me over the last couple of years when am I going to start blogging again. I used to have a blog a few years back, but as my life began to do an unexpected 180 degree change mentally and spiritually, I decided to put blogging on hold until I had something truly important to share and something that I felt was more of my purpose. Thus, this blog “Confident in Christ” is the culmination of me merging my love for blogging with my purpose of helping women know their worth in Christ.

I absolutely love seeing women who are confident from something deeper than just their looks, wit, or charm. Not that anything is wrong with encompassing those things because I believe that is what makes us women who we are. But I also love seeing women who have gone through things in life, and can still be confident in knowing who they are and who they belong to. They know they are more precious that diamonds or rubies and will not accept anything less than God’s best for them in their lives.


I know this world can chew you up and spit you out with out a second thought, and as much as I feel for other’s plights in this world, I can only truly speak on the plight of the woman and what we go through and how much we need God to help us get through it all. I will be sharing personal blogs/devotionals, interesting articles, videos, and whatever else inspires me that I want to share to help women grow in their Christ-like confidence.

So this blog has now been officially birthed from obedience to God. I hope you all enjoy because there is lots more to come. 🙂


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A woman after God's heart

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  1. This is so on point! I’ve experienced this first hand. You are so correct when you say we think we know when we really don’t. When I look back over my life I now understand why I went through some of the things I did. Christine, God has us right where he wants us! We just need to stand in faith and believe that He is able to do what he said he will do. Good post sis.

  2. Yes! I love this: “When it is over, He gets the praise and glory He deserves, because you know it had nothing to do with you and everything to do with Him…Your storm has an expiration date.”

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